Good Zapper

Zapper Zaku is a good robot and has same broom as Seles Zaku. Zapper Zaku was an Anscestor of Seles Zaku

In SD Gundam SeriesEdit

Zapper Zaku and the Dark Axis had chance for revenge by destroying General Zeong for using him and abondoning him in Episode 52.

In Blazblue SeriesEdit

Zapper Zaku was based on Reilius Clover, Hazama, Saya and Hakuman and was the resemblance to Reilius Clover, Hazama, Saya and Hakuman. Zapper Zaku was working on the floors in Ikaruga city until Carl Clover came with Her sister Ida Clover sealed in the Nirvana. Carl told Zapper to use the weaponry. But he still refuses to speak about a Kusanagi Gundam (Mu-12) was also part of his trap and plan to wipe Ragna the Bloodedge's smile off his face and gets revenge on the Master Unit called Amateratsu for making the city floors dirty and mudering mops. Zapper Zaku calls the Master Unit Mop Murderers. Zapper Zaku challenges Ragna into a Duel. As Ragna starts to lose, Zapper delt the final blow to Ragna. But Ragna was save by a Mobile Person called Lambda Elmeth (Lamda-11). After Lambda-11 dies right in front of Ragna and love him, Ragna goes on an ultimate rage by activating the Idea engine and Zapper escape into the cauldron and convinces Ragna, Jin Kisaragi who is his younger brother, Noel Vermillion who is a friend to Ragna and Rachael who is called a bunny, to stop attacking him and leaves them at peace in the Kagutsuchi City. Zapper Zaku Appears in Continnum Shift's True Ending.