Yuri Crying and Bleeding

Yuri was the Mother of Okami Yuki and was translated to Sage of the Blizzards an She was one of the Hylians in Izumo and a Member of the Gekko Clan.


Yuri vs Orochi

Yuri Battling the Orochi

Yuri sees her mother died right in front of her eyes. She cries for her mother until she passed away. It Begins when Yuri met a Man named Akatsuki and fell in love with her. Yuri had married him and have on daughter and she named her Yuki. Susanoo met Kushinada Haruno and the Foot-Stroking-Elder and Hand-Stroking-Elder told Susanoo the about their seven Daughters were eaten by the Eight Headed Serpent each year, who lived in the Lake near the Village at Mount Sentsu and then ravaged the Village in Izumo demanding maidens as sacrifices. Susanoo turned Kushinada into a kushi 櫛 "comb" for safekeeping. The Elders bultied walls, at each gate tie [together] eight platforms, on each platform put a liquor-vat, and into each vat pour the eight-fold refined liquor, and wait. As the Liquor was brewed, Orochi hid a vast enormous treasure in it's Castle. So as they waited after having thus prepared everything in accordance with his bidding, the eight-forked serpent came truly as [the old man] had said, and immediately dipped a head into each vat, and drank the liquor. Thereupon it was intoxicated with drinking, and all [the heads] lay down and slept. Then Susanoo Uzumaki drew the Ryuseken Blade that was augustly girded on him, splitting the Serpent into Seven Eight Headed Snakes and sealed the First Serpent within Honey D. Okaina and found the Ame no Murakumo inside the Serpent's Flesh and thus making Susanoo the previous Jinjuriki of the monster. Yuri died right before yuki's eyes and her magic powers were given to her husband and daughter. Her husband passed his soul to her daughter and died after the 1995 years of slumber.


  • Akatsuki Gekko- Husband (Deceased)
  • Okami Yuki- Daughter
  • Unkown Mother (Deceased)
  • Kuro- Ancestor
  • Honey D. Okaina- Descendant
  • Honey D. Paul- Descendant
  • Kainu- Descendant
  • Karo- Descendant
  • Izanagi- Mother (Deceased)
  • Izanami- Father (Deceased)


  • Gekka No Kenshi

    Yamata No Orochi

    Yamata no Orochi
  • Gale Raregroove
  • Valgas
  • Eggman
  • Japanese Zeon
  • Blue Cosmos
  • Hades
  • Gohma Vlitra


  • Powerpuff Girls Z
  • Powerpuff Boy Z
  • Date Masamune (One Eyed Dragon)
  • Yukimura Sanda
  • Ragna the Bloodedge
  • Monkey F. Luffy

Favorite FoodEdit

Pokemon Trainer Fruit (Devil Fruit)- Rare

Yu-gi-oh Fruit (Devil Fruit)- Rare

Love InterestsEdit

  • Akatsuki (Deceased)
  • Takeda (Master and Ally)
  • Sonic (Present)