Yamata no Orotic

Yamata no Orotic

The Legendary Cybernetic 8 Headed Reaver Dragon that was roaming in Cybernet and was Translated to 8 Branched Cyber Dragon or Guard Orotic dubbed to 8 Forked Reaverbot

Cyber Japanese MythologyEdit

Original Yamata no Orotic

Original Orotic

The Cybernetic Reaverbot has 8 Heads and 8 Tails and it's Length was extended over 8 network Valleys and 8 Network Hills. I's Body has covering of moss and Robotic armor and on each of it's Heads was 2 Penatrating Burning Eyes of winter cherry. He was a visitor to the Riverbed in the Hii Net-River to the Peaceful Province of Izuman. The netpeople wept and ran for the Orotic ruled over them through fear and demanded them the blood tribute at
Megaman zero vs orotic guard by jeffadam-d3ef97g

Orotic Extermination

the turn of the calender. The 2 elders would have to offer one of their daughters as sacrifice. The Elder have Encountered Saito Hikari also known male Trigger. The Elders were tormented to offer their 8th Daughter, Cahsinada dubbed to Wonderous chocolate princess to the Orotic as Sacrifice. When the Gekomon heard the news and the Gekomon will take good care of the 8th Daughter. Outside the Orotic's Lair, Gekomon placed 8 Giant Barrels of Milkshakes. The Orotic smelled the Milkshake and falls asleep with Intoxication. Saito slew the Cyber Beast in the nicks. Saito have found a Sword from the Creature's was known as Cybernagi no Tsurugi dubbed to Cyber Cutting Beam Saber. The Land of Izuma was finally at peace.


Orotic was a Counterpart of Fortezza Gundam in the Planet Dens