Thunder Strike's Team

Thunder Strike's Team

Team Cyclone is the Team that was part of the Ancient Izumo.





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End of Creation ArcEdit

Thunder Strike Launches

Thunder Strike and the White Legacy

When Asahi no Mikoto was a young Girl, She visited the Shinju the Tree and was given a Boyfriend, and her two sons. As the legends have said, he was the best sky knight in Izumo. He battled the Black Demon and won by sealing it away in the Cave. The Giant Battleship claims that he will return, as long as the Triforce is in it's hand, and also vows that when he does return, the Black Demon will exterminate the Thunder Strike's descendants. After Kuro no Mikoto sealed away the Black Demon, Kuro and Asahi went on the Mission given by the Queen, is to capture a Giant Scorpion Cake in the Eastern Beach of America and bring it to her Palace which Kuro no Mikoto and his team completed it. The 18,000 Haradrim, mostly mounted on the mumakil, were a great threat to the Team Cyclone. Team Cyclone convinces the Haradrim Army to return to their own villages.