Swat Troopers (2015)

Swat Troopers

Swat Troopers are the Primary fighting force of the Galactic Eggman Empire. The various Egg Army factions are overseen by the Commanders of the Mahouka Empire including Rengoku. They are responsible for conquering planets and capturing opponents of Dr. Eggman's.


Swat Troopers are short, diminutive creatures who make up for lack of height through sheer numbers. They have Tan Skin and Brown Hair. They are all dressed identically in black, white and red uniforms.


The average Swat Trooper is equipped with a small, red blaster gun that shoots lasers, and they can also use another version which looks like a rifle with the same color scheme. However, the red blaster guns have been used the most, with the rifle being used only on some occasions. The Swat Troopers have their tanks and additional jets and space fighters as their vehicles.

Notable TeamsEdit