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Super Scarab

The Covenant's Super Weapon that was used to destroy the humans.

In Halo SeriesEdit

The Super Scarab was the Ultimate Seige Tank along with the Covenant Forces working with the Prophets. The Tank appears in Halo Reach, Halo 2 and 3. The deadly Mobile Armor has the Death Saurer's Charge Particle Cannon and a scorpion turret mounted on it's abdomen. In the Battle of Earth, The prophet of truth sent out 100 Super Scarabs to secure the sacred shuttle where it leads to Installer of seven Halos.

In Fan-madeEdit

The Super Scarabs is a Covenant mobile mining platform adapted for use in combat.



  • (One) Front-Mounted Cannon
  • Ammo: Super-Heated Plasma/incendiary, napalm-like fluid; presumably unguided. They have unlimited ammo.
  • Rate of Fire: Four second stream; five times per minute
  • Movement of cannon: Through careful examination, one can see that the inside gun part seems to move forward from a cradle as the flaps open up.
  • Notes: The projectile emitted from the Scarab's main gun emits a neon-greenish/cyan glow, indicating extremely high temperature. As the gun fires, white hot liquid pours from the barrel onto the ground. The gun's force is enough to destroy any vehicle smaller than the Scarab in a matter of seconds. Also, on Easy or Normal difficulty, if you are in a small vehicle (Mongoose, Warthog, Ghost, Chopper) the sheer force of the plasma stream hitting the ground will flip your vehicle if you are close enough. If this happens close to the Scarab it may attempt to step on (and destroy) your vehicle. When the Scarab is disabled, and you have to board it, the main gun will still track you, but cannot fire.
  • Approx. Range: The effective range on a Scarab's main cannon is not exceptional, about 650 meters as seen during the Citadel and Cartographer battles, where its attack can easily be evaded if at a distance, but the Halo 3 Scarabs have almost unlimited sight. For example, on the level "The Covenant", even if you glitch out of the invisible barriers with a Hornet and fly until you can barely see one, it will still shoot at you.