Seles Zaku

Seles Zaku is the simply related to the Zapper Zaku and Seles Wilder and was the Girl with a super sweeper and the good Seles Zaku is in the Battleship Autumn.


Her mother was a soilder of the Earth Federation and her Father was the Leader of the Japanese Zeon. As Zapper Zaku's Descendant and Okami Yuki's Descendant. She was Operating the Gundam and was fighting for her freedom against Logos and the ZAFT. The Peace Treaty was settle between the Zaft, Japanese Zeon, Logos and the Earth Federation Government was in yhe Year 0090 of the Cosmic Century

In Blazblue Series and Final Fantasy SeriesEdit

She appears as Ragna The Bloodedge taking role of Okami Yuki meaning God of Blazing Snow. She is the Great Grim Sweeper in the Calamity Trigger's True Ending and Continnuim Shift's True Ending. She appears as Sephiroth in the Last Order Movie.