Seles DW

Seles and Zelos

Seles is a sister of Zelos Wilder.

in Tales of SymphoniaEdit

Seles was born to a half-elf mistress of Zelos's father, the previous Chosen of Tethe'alla. After a few years, Zelos's father committed suicide and the title of Chosen had to be given to Zelos. Despite the fact that they were born to different mothers, Zelos and Seles still loved and played with one other, not caring that they were not fully related, as claimed by citizens of Meltokio. Seles's mother tried to kill Zelos to make Seles the next Chosen; however, the spell she shot at Zelos instead hit Zelos's mother, Mylene Wilder, killing her. As a result she was executed, and Seles was sentenced to house arrest in the South East Abbey for life, although the official reason given was that it was for her health. Zelos suffers from guilt up until late events of the game, blaming himself for the fact that Seles lost her mother and is not allowed to see the world outside her prison.

In Tales of Symphonia 2Edit

She was kidnapped by Decus and the Vanguard Empire who attempted to conquer the world by bringing out the Sylvaranti Dynasty. Commander Brute of the Vanguard Conquerers was completely defeated by Lloyd Irving and Emil Castinger.

In Powerpuff Girls ZEdit

She appears as buttercup in teenager and she hates skirts too much in Episode 3.