Ryuseken No Tsurugi and Golem no Tsurugi


Ryuseken no Tsurugi (流星拳の鶴来, Ryūsei ken no Tsurugi) was a divine sword. This Divine Blade was more powerful than any sword. The Sacred Sword is known as one of the Kujutsu.


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Early DaysEdit

Grand Civil WarEdit

During the Grand Civil War, as Yuki Buxaplenty wished for the revival of the Galactic Empire as the Galactic Eggman Empire, God created the Legendary Treasure, Ryuseken no Tsurugi to make Yuki's wish come ture and the Armada of Star Destroyers came to life from the Genesis Portal.

Fortress Gundam IncidentEdit

Susanoo no Mikoto have wielded the sacred sword to seal the terrifying Yamata no Orochi when the Monster attacked Izumogakure. Susanoo used the power of the Genesis portal to transform the Eight Headed Snake into eight separate Biometals. Susanoo no Mikoto put the Sword to deep hibernation and was wielded by Miharu.

Kekkei Genkai ArcEdit

Few Years have passed, Paul Gekko have pulled the Ryuseken no Tsurugi from the stone that causes the awakening of the Sacred Beasts and Arceus. Arceus lends the Sacred Beast to Paul to make Izumogakure rich and fertil. Paul uses the sword wisely along with the Sacred Beasts have turned Kagenato the wasteland into a beautiful fertilizing Paradise with the Cookie Crops, Pizza Ovens and the simple Veggie Crops thanks to the rain from the Genesis Portal. Arceus parts away to the dimension leaving the sacred beasts into Paul Gekko's Possession.


In his Sword form, Ryuseken no Tsurugi is the combination of the Monado, the Master Sword and the Sacred Bow of Palutena.

In his Human form, Ryuseken now looks to be roughly 13 years of age and stands at 5'3" (160 cm). He has large, blue eyes and fluffy, brown hair, with a small cowlick poking out from the back. His chiton is now decorated with red and gold hems along the bottom, which is fastened on the shoulder by a golden fibula with a red gem in the center. He wears the outfit with a brown belt lined with silver and a gold, triangular buckle on his waist. Ryuseken also wears navy blue tights beneath his chiton. He now has a pair of bronze and gold cuffs around his forearms, and singular gold rings on his upper left arm and right thigh. His brown sandals are decorated with crossing beige bands, and are edged at the top with white wool and wears laurel crown on his head.