Perfect Megatron

Perfect Megatron

Perfect Megatron was the final form of Megatron, the Leader of the Decepticons. Cybertron was the home planet to Robots that think and act.


Megatron and the other decepticons are driven by Total Domination and set out to destroy the peace loving Autobots. As the Decepticons move a huge statue of him into pride of place, Megatron meets with Shockwave who has deciphered the ancient technology to open wormholes and located a suitably energy rich planet for them to plunder. Megatron boards a drop ship and heads for the crater where Trypticon crashed with the intention of recovering the giant Decepticon's power core Infinite Optimus Prime and Perfect Megatron crash landed to Dens on a Spaceship. Many Years when the dinosaurs became extinct, The Autobots and the Decepticons were reactivated and found themselves on the peaceful Planet. Megatron and the Decepticons were building a Base and converting the Gold from the Blue Bible into Energon Cubes. Link the Hylian Samurai, Optimus and Yuri team up to fight the deceticons. Soundwave tells megatron that more fuel will be enough to return to Super Cybertron. Deception's Space Cruiser was crash landed into the Deep Waters of the Pacific Ocean. Sine the Decepticons survive, Paul Gekko and his Team with their Mobile Suits made a first visit to Cybertron only to be blasted by Starscream, bashed by Brawl and Onslaught, and dragged in front of Megatron. While Starscream gloats at his victory over Prime, Megatron simply blasts his Air Commander before killing an Autobot in front of the bound. After the Luckily it turns out Metroplex is back online, and he rips the roof off Megatron's throne room before smashing Megatron into the ground repeatedly with his fist. Starscream pronounces Megatron dead, himself leader and orders the Decepticons back to base. The day is won, but unfortunately all the Autobots' energon is exhausted and they need to find more. Paul Gekko feared that ressurection is drawn near, He have extracted Megatron's Hearts to separate Megatron's Body Parts into Nine Pieces and Scattered all across Dens (The Left arm in Minccina, Right Arm in Izumo, The Head in America, The Torso in Torabia, The Left Leg in North Kaiser, The Right Leg in South Kaiser, The Gun in Kagenato, The Left Shoulder in Luxara and the Right Shoulder in Katina) and then he sealed away the Heart in the Altar bounded with Chains which was treating with the Plasky Particles inside the Raka Shrine.


  • I will build the Ultimate Weapon to defeat the Autobots and To Control the Planet and TO CONQUER THE UNIVERSE!!!! - Megatron