Prototype Yamata no Orochi

Prototype Orochi

Orochi Snake (オロチェスネーク) or simply Orochi (オロチ) are the Species of Eight Headed Snakes.


The Appearence of the Giant Snakes resembles the Viper with massive size. It has eight dragon-based heads with it's long serpentine necks like tree trunks. It has a Gundanium Alloy Car-structure body with two or four wheels. It has red eyes and Eight Tails.



The Orochis are the ancient race massive snakes that are similar to Stingers.

Orochi Half-BreedEdit

Orochi Half-Breeds are hybrids of unions between a Triceraton, Aparoid, Orochi, Hylians and Human. They are civilians, workers and most importantly soldiers.

Orochi SerpentEdit

Orochi Serpent were rulers, administrators and overseers of their territories. A single Serpent could outclass anything smaller than itself; it took large volumes of skilled warriors to mount any kind of attack against these creatures.

Orochi QueenEdit

The Orochi Queens are rare female Orochi are highly valued by their people for their ability to lay thousands of eggs.