Link is the Legendary Samurai of Time who slew the Orochi and
The Myth of Zelda by Pertheseus


bring peace to Nippon and Hyrule and the Planet Dens. He is the friend to Samurais and Hylians. He is Courageous and Handsome and sometimes forgetful. He has eyes like starry night skies.


Same Appearence as Link's Appearence in Samurai Chothing.


Same Personality as Susanoo.


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Link was 24 Year Old Hero of Time with his Apprentice, Akatsuki, his little sister Yuri and his Legendary Sword, Ryuseken No Tsurugi that he bore. His Family left Hyrule to travel to the Land of Nippon to face any Demon who dared to oppose him and his Family. He shared good times and happy ones with the People in Kamui Village and Hirashimo and Izumo. He rushes to Yuri as she gave birth to a young daughter named Okami Yuki. The Elders were tormented to offer their 8th daughter Kushinada Haruno to Orochi as Sacrifice. When Akatsuki and Susanoo interfered and device a plan of battling the Fortezza Gundam in the very time. The Elders placed 8 Giant Vatts with Milkshakes and Orochi got intoxicated. Nawaki, Yuri and Akatsuki as Yuri's Husband battle Orochi and gained the upper hand. But his apprentice and his sister died by the Orochi's Poison was devastating and Link was to sad to give his granddaughter a very responsibility to keep Orochi from escaping from his prison and Link was always have special bond with his Decendants. Centuries before the founding of the Hidden Village, Link the Hylian saved the World from Meio's grasp and the Ten Tailed Strider thus becoming the Jinjuriki. However, in the event of the Eight Headed Dragon, Ten Tailed Slider Prompted to control Link to give the Sword to Susanoo Uzumaki. Knowing this, Link lost his Sister after childbirth. Madara promptly controlled the Hylian containing Hien and uses it to battle in the Valley of The End with Hashirama. Madara combined his Susanoo with Hien, increasing the latter's offensive and defensive capabilities. Hashirama was able to remove the Strider from Susanoo and released the both the Tailed Beast from Madara's control, Thus freeing Link and Kurama being Subdued.

Legend of Paul GekkoEdit


Link vs Orochi

After Years have Passed, Paul Gekko was seeing his Ancestor alive in Izumo along with his other Relatives and was capable to be chosen to becom the Next Jinjuriki.


Okami Yuki- Granddaughter

Paul Gekko- Descendant

Akatsuki- Apprentice (Desceased)

Yuri- Sister (Desceased)

Kaboomer- Adopted Son

Tsunade- Descendant

Susanoo Uzumaki- Friend


Story of the Chinese Tailed Zodiac