Marineford Fields

Battle of the Marineford Fields

The Battlefield with the battle between the Dens Federation, Whitebeard Pirates and the Marines.


Battleship Gundam MK III

Battle Ship Gundam MK III

Ace's Execution with the Marines was foiled with Monkey D. Luffy's Haki and the Rallied Nipponia Forces and Reserves have come to defeat the Marines and the Pirates.

Battle of the Marineford Fields

Ace's Rescue

But The Marines were mounted with their 999 Mumakil to ride in the rocking armored tanks to the almost certain victory. Kurosagi summons Manda to destroy the population of marines.

Pelennor Fields in One Piece

Field Trivia

The Fleet Admiral of them all was Akainu appearing with the Magu Magu no Mi powers and was killed in the hands of Okami Yuki's Super Icy Strength and She came to save the Living including Luffy.

Deadlock Soilder Showdown

Ambush of Manda

Nipponia Armies ride to war and Marines have lost it's strength to Luffy and his Haki making their Mumakil stop it's rampage and it's horrible acts of defeat and continuing as it's reserves. The Britannia have Deployed the Mobile Suits to form an alliance with the Nipponia Forces. Battleship Gundam MK III They have wiped out 9 of the Marines' most famous Battleships with it's Lazer line. Carl Klova, Okami Yuki and Paul Kurosagi (Paul No Tsurugi) entered the Gorge and nearly gets close to ace in time freeing Gol D. Ace.

Four Headed Boa Constrictor attacking Konoha

The Nipponia-Britannia Alliance has been formed and the tide had turned with the Fortezza Gundam and Manda from beyond the grave and summoning and their victory was after Ace's Death was won.