Lemon Brook Lumpers

Lemon Brook Lumpers

The Football Team in Lemon Brook Jr. High School and was killed in the Yamata no Orochi Incident. The Football team were strong but were afraid of both the Orochi and Dr. Eggman.


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Early Days and destructionEdit

When the Jr. High Football Team was prepared to face the USC Football Team and gets the Game Started, The Orochi appeared and killed and devoured the Lemon Brook Lumpers and conquered the Lemon Brook High Schools. Few Years have passed, after the Orochi is turned into Biometals, Dr. Eggman have made contact with Shinjirō Nagita and promotes him to being a Commander of the Egg Parade. Shinjirō Nagita gave the orders of the Egg Fleet to destroy the Lemon Brook city with the bombardment squadron wiping out all of the Lemon Brook citizens leaving Yoshi vi Vermillion and the others, the survivors of the onslaught. One kid named Shinto Kisaragi, saw the death of his Older Brother, Brooklyn Gekko and mourns on it's corpse.

High SchoolsEdit

Football Team MembersEdit