Kokiri no Mikoto

Kokiri no Mikoto

Kokiri no Mikoto (コキリの尊) is a Younger Brother of Kokori no Mikoto. Kokiri is the Son of Kuro no Mikoto and Kuro no Mikoto. Kiri no Mikoto was Kokiri's Incarnation.



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End of Creation ArcEdit

Kokiri no Mikoto Scared

Kokori no Mikoto

Kokori no Mikoto's Younger Brother saw his Older Brother sleeping in the Village's Secret Island but assumed to unconscious. This made Kokiri very scared. Kokiri was able to wake him up by using the Fruit containing Chakra. Kokiri got his brother so worried about Him giving Paul Gekko his reputation.



  • Kokiri was named after the Kokiri Forest from Legend of Zelda Series.