Kids Never Die to the Rescue

Kids Never Die

Kings Next Door also known as "Kids Never Die" is a global and galactic organization composed of 5-to-1900 military-styled trained teenage children, who battle evil teen-to-adult tyranny of the Galactic Eggman Empire and other villains for other kids, teens, adults and their hearts' desire. The current age of the KND, the seventh to tenth age, was founded by Tetramaru of Dens and Hayate Matoi of Maxus, after the discovered the legendary Book; the Bible that contains all stories of KND operatives that are Christians' stories for their adventures. The organization's purpose is to protect kids and teens from evil tyranny from people over the age of 13 and up, but they only battle evil adults like Dr. Eggman. All members' codenames are numbers, spelled "Numbuh". Codename: Kids Never Die is the name of the T.V. Series.


Cadets (usually kids at the age of 7 or 5), referred to as Cadets Next Door, are trained by Kenta Sakuramiya. After they graduate on the Izumo Moon base and pick a number for a code name, they put their DNA (booger) into the KND Code Module and KND Super Computer, and are assigned to a Sector, probably the closest to where they live. When twins join the Kids Next Door, they can choose to share a code name number instead having to chose a different one, but are usually differentiated by a and b in their code names.


KND are split into Sectors around the world, which are gigantic tree houses. The most important base is the Nations Next Door Moon base Headquarters, and the second most important base is the Kings Next Door Arctic Base. Paul Dickson's Treehouse is in the center of Kami-Kōbe High School.

High AuthoritiesEdit

In the Kings Next Door, operatives are given certain positions within their teams. Some of their positions are:

  • Supreme Leader
    • Supreme Chancellor
  • Head of Decommissioning
  • Supreme Commander of Armed Forces
  • Global Tactical Officer
  • Commander of the KND Artic Base
  • Sector Leader
  • Second-in-command
  • 20x40 Technology Officer
  • Weapons console
  • Scientist
  • Hand-to-hand combat
  • Jail Breaker
  • Pilot
  • Diversionary Tactics
  • Tactical yo-yo specialist
  • Undercover Teen Spy
  • Spy

Supreme ChancellorsEdit

The Supreme Chancellor is said to be the supreme commander of the Kids Never Die.


They are five sectors in each number.


20x40 TechnologyEdit



  • "Kids Never Die BATTLESTATIONS!"
  • "We are the Kings Next Door."