Installation Battle Between Aliens and the humans

The new Halo was builted by the Forerunners and was activated to destroy the Humans, Covenant and Parasites.

2 Seles and the AutumnEdit

Seles Zaku and Seles Wilder are different twins and they are cleaning floors and sharing drinks and the Covenant are boarding and attacking the Battleship Autumn. The UNSC are evacuatuing and Lorana are telling the 2 Seles to evacuate and they listened and the abandoned the Cruiser and heade for the ring's Atmosphere.

Scarab CanyonEdit

When Seles Zaku and Wilder survived the crash, The 2 girls met Ash Crimson and they are searching for survivors with their weapons and their powers. But before they could get down the icy mountan they were being chased by 89 scarabs and locusts and they were rescued by the army of pelicans and the pilots takes them along with the survivors to the Library and they encountered the parasites an the flying robots saved the survivors and the survivors have met the monitor of the insallation called 108 Guardian.



Super Index

The 2 Seles, Ash and the monitor are at the libray and the flying elevator contains the Super Index and the monitor teleported them to the elevator and tells the retrieve the index for trans port before the parasites can get their hand on the index and ash tells the monitor to take the index to the control room.


The 3 activade halo and they told 2 armies to evacuate because the ring is about to explode and they want to their own ship ad flee and the explosin made the ring to cleans everything and the 2 armies survived along with the monitor, Seles Zaku and Wilder and Ash Crimson once againn rebuilt the whole ecosystem.