Orochi Sealing

Holy War

The fight between Fortezza Gundam and the True Savior.

1995 Year Ago Battle Edit

The Battle of Good and Evil raged when the Yamata No Orochi rises to power. The Heavens have sent a True Savior known as Okami Yuki. The Warriors had enough strength to slay the 8 Headed Beast. It had no doubt that the True Savior fought so strongly against the Orochi. The True Savior wears the Armor of Mars to match the Fearsome Snake Beast. There The Orochi's broken Body collapsed turning the 7 Stones of Power into the Legendary Sword known as Ryu-se-ken. The Daishaman of Perfect Virtue puts her frozen in time when the True Savior sleeps and remained sealed for 1995 Years of the Holy War Have ended.


  • Ture savior was based on the Legendary Light Stone and 7 Power Stones
  • Yamata No Orochi or Fortezza Gundam was based on Valgas and Dr. Vodoo
  • Daishaman was translated to Great Spirit
  • Okami Yuki has a striking resemblance to Edward Falcon, Ayame, Rouge, Ryoma, Wang Tang, Galuda and Gunrock