Egg Navy at Japan

Egg Navy at Japan

Egg Navy is the Aquatic Group of Battleships created by the power-hungry Dr. Eggman. It is also part of the Egg Parade of the Galactic Eggman Empire.


  • Scissor Gunship - A formidable ship, larger and more heavily armed Mako shark gunships. They have a completely red color scheme with stripes of yellow across the side. As mentioned above, the battleships have a more stream-like design, thus they lacks any passageway across the ship and has only one row of cannons, unlike the Mako shark gunships. The size of each of these ships differs between each other.
  • Dolphin Flagship - This massive ship is the flagship of the Egg Navy. It is in the shape of a massive red Dolphin, and was armed with a battery of cannons and expanded hangers.


  • The Egg Navy is based on the Egg Fleet from Sonic the Hedgehog series.
  • It was used to wipe out the Nudist Beach's secret base.