Dan Kuto

Dan Kuto

The Jonin Level Shinobi was easily Translated to Wandering Snow Shinobi and Dan Gato dubbed Snow Shinobi in English and Bricker the Super Shinobi's Sensei

Japanese MythologyEdit

Dan Kuto was a 29 Year Old Shinobi filled with Kindness and Rivalry with Okami Yuki and Paul Kurosagi (Paul No Tsurugi). Dan Gato was falling in love with the Elders' 9th Daughter,Ruka or Wondering snow field princess. Dan fell to deep sadness when the Elder's offer the 9th Daughter to Orochi as Sacrifice. Dan bears the Beam Saber Known as Ryuseken No Tsurugi. Dan Kuto was able to retrieve the sword after Yuki deafeted the Fortezza Gundam (Yamata no Orochi) and was a bitter chance to battle with the Descendant of Akastuki with a respectful manner. He became Friends with Yuki and Kurosagi. Dan Gato died at the age of 30 because the nine tailed fox assault upon the celestial plains and the fox instantly killed him. The 9 Tailed Fox was Sealed in to new Child of the Great 1995th Hokage, Britanniamaru dubbed to American Time Traveler. Britannia maru's Son was born with better Courage and Kindness was known as Tsurugi. Dan Kuto was revived by Bricker the Super Shinobi, His special student.
Dan Kuto and Ruka

Dan and Ruka


After Nine Tailed Fox was sealed into Tsurugi as a young child, Britanniamaru bears the will after Dan Gato's Death. Britanniamaru develops the Water of Life Jutsu to bring Dan Kuto back from the dead.

Love InterestsEdit

Ruka (Desceased)


Bricker the Super Shinobi