Cree Gekko (Fan-made)

Cree Gekko

Cree Gekko or her code name; "Numbuh Fleet" is the Member of the Armed Faction Alliance and Team Okaina and the Kings Next Door operative. It is believed that she is the granddaughter of Paul Gekko.


Cree is an African-American girl with black hair, hanging up in dreadlocks, and dark-brown eyes. She wears a pink T-shirt that shows her bellybutton, oversized blue jeans, and brown shoes. She also appears to be extremely skinny.


After becoming a teen, Cree is described as the intelligent, laid-back, witty, quick-thinking, cool, calm, crafty, clever, responsible, book wise, and streetwise agent of Kami-Kōbe High School, and very caring toward her comrades.


  • Paul Gekko- Grandfather
  • Yuki Skywalker- Aunt
  • Anakin Skywalker- Father
  • Padme Amidala- Mother
  • Luke Skywalker- Brother
  • Mara Jade- Sister-in-Law
  • Ben Skywalker- Nephew
  • Leia Organa- Sister
  • Han Solo- Brother-in-Law
  • Jacen Solo- Nephew
  • Anakin Solo- Nephew
  • Jaina Solo- Niece