Ashi Uzumaki (2019)

Ashi Uzumaki also known as Miwa Ray is the daughter of Miwa Tomoe.


Ashi is slim, petite builds and all of them have large, slanted eyes, red lips, and is wearing green, sweater-like uniform and black boots. She is is the first Human-Triceraton-Kraang Hybrid.

In Virtual reality, her male avatar in video games resembles the combination of Amuro Ray and Shinn Asuka. Her Avatar has black hair and red eyes.


Ashi seemed to possess a curiosity about the outside world, especially when she was younger, and developed into a cunning strategist. Furthermore, she does not understand the concept of love and compassion. She is horrified to see the truth of her adoptive great grandfather and his army, but slowly accepts it.


  • Brute Strength- Ashi possesses the brutal strength of the Triceraton. It is shown to take out numerous ships of the Galactic Eggman Empire.
  • Piloting Skills- Due to the training of her mother through video games, Ashi has shown how to pilot both the Mobile Suit and Akatsubaki.
  • Enhanced Stamina- In order to protect her mother, Ashi fought and defeated an entire army of the Eggman Empire and various enemy factions before finally collapsing from exhaustion.